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Tuesday, August 22, 2006


With half-opened eyes
he set down the glass
half empty
and walked halfway through the field
with half a smile etched on his face
he cocked his head
halfway up
and saw half a moon
laboring across half a sky
(for the other half
was half a world away)
In spite of himself
he let out half a laugh
and realized
that half of his energy
was devoted to thinking in half
while the other half
was devoted to half of nothing
which he was aware, too, was nothing
with the thinking half he wondered
if things could have been different
if he could have changed the half
that needed changing
if given half the chance
and with the half devoted to nothing
wondered aloud
to a half-listening audience of one
how one
that stood so proudly whole
is now splitered shamefully
in half.

Saturday, August 12, 2006


Around the spindle tight and taut
realize it's all for naught
the green, the golden, amber hue
disguised the one and only you
the string you weave it burns my skin
it ties me stiff from deep within
and chokes out what was meant to be
enslaved by what had made me free
the ruse you show, to knit, to mend
unravel the unfinished end
and leave it tattered, weak, a frayed
mem'ry that has never stayed
so spin a yarn, a tale for me
remind me who you used to be
and why you took yourself away
the moment brightened skies turned grey
and why the spindle, empty, lost
had to forfeit a lofty cost
to hear a lesson taught before
a different master, less is more
if now the eyes can open wide
expose the secret's place to hide
with eyes that can now learn to see
this binding yarn, my liberty.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


In her eyes
she's seen it all
with her eyes
and in her mind
she's thought it all
with her mind
and in her heart
she's felt it all
with her heart
but today she is closed
tears race to the ground
the questions mount
the answers
the trust
washed away
in sadness
leaving disbelief
to be believed
leaving betrayal
to be swallowed
leaving thievery
to be praised
with the eyes she swears
will never again see
she sees
what was
and what will never be
with the mind she swears
will never again think
she thinks
if she is here
only to feel this way
with the heart she swears
will never again feel
she feels
consumed and conquered
and all because
her doll
is broken

Saturday, July 29, 2006


A brilliant man once said
"Nothing can survive in a vacuum."
I used to believe everything he said
Because, well, because he was brilliant.
But today I thought about this vacuum thing.
Even if nothing survives, then something survives
That something is nothing.
But is nothing something?
He also said, "You can't get something for nothing."
But that is off the subject, I think.
It just has those two words in it.
Maybe nothing is the absence of something.
Is the absence of nothing something?
Or is it everything?
Everything is something.
Something is everything sometimes
but not everytime.
What am I talking about?
Nothing really.
Maybe he was right about nothing.
Maybe I'm just being picky.
I'm like that sometimes.
I feel funny.
My head hurts.
I think I'll have some pie.